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Master Biomechanics in a simple and practical way through 3D Visual Content and achieve Better and Faster Orthodontic Treatments

A global online and free event, with an intensive series of 3 classes providing a practical hands-on experience to help you gain confidence to treat all types of cases, including complex ones.


Unfortunately, research shows that only about 5% of orthodontists feel completely confident in their practice.

For years, I have been giving lectures in various countries around the world and producing content on social media.

This has given me the opportunity to connect with an incredible number of fellow orthodontists.

Many colleagues tell me that they feel some form of insecurity in clinical practice.

I realized that the main factor that causes insecurity in orthodontists is the lack of mastery of Biomechanics.

The problem is that many orthodontists have major objections when it comes to Biomechanics.

I have heard things like:

“I gave up on learning biomechanics; it’s too difficult.”

What if I told you that there is a way to master Biomechanics simply and practically?

I have developed content with 3D visual resources that allow easy understanding and application of the best techniques and protocols with confidence, Check out some examples:

And you can access all of this for free at the 3D Ortho. Biomechanics Week.

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What you will learn in this journey

Solve complex cases like these in an accessible and practical way

Even if you don't have much experience or feel insecure


Dr. Kleber Meireles, specialist in Orthodontics, USP Postgraduate in DTM, Professor and Coordinator of post-graduation (specialization) in orthodontics in Instituto Prime (Bahia) and columnist for the most prestigious orthodontic journal in Brazil.

“After 10 years of studying Biomechanics in depth, I have developed my own methodology for  solving cases of any complexity for my patients. Cases that could easily last 4 to 5 years can be resolved in less than two years if we use a protocol and methodology that, in some cases, I have developed. Because my treatments are fast and extremely efficient, I have been recognized worldwide by the most prestigious orthodontic organizations in several countries.”


Now he travels the world lecturing  and sharing knowledge in a practical way, showing that Biomechanics mastery is the best way to solve any case quickly and efficiently.



The 3D Ortho. Biomechanics Week is for you, Orthodontist or orthodontic graduate student, who wants to learn:

  • Biomechanics from practice: the Best Way to Level you Up as an Orthodontist.
  • Key topics on Orthodontic Biomechanics in an easy and accessible way.
  • How to have more efficient orthodontic treatments.
  • How to reduce the likelihood of errors during treatment.
  • How to achieve above-average results in significantly less time.
  • How to become a professional valued and recognized for your work

The 3D Ortho. Biomechanics Week unfolds over three distinct classes, each meticulously designed to enhance your expertise in orthodontics with a blend of recorded lectures, hands-on practice, and an interactive Q&A session.

This event is thoughtfully scheduled to offer a comprehensive learning experience:

  • Class 01 (July 1st) – The worst (and most common) mistakes made by Orthodontists;
  • Class 02 (July 3rd) – Introducing the best and most accessible protocols for faster and more efficient treatments;
  • Class 03 (July 4th) – Practical Application: Hands-On Experience.

Absolutely nothing! The 3D Ortho. Biomechanics Week is a free, online and global event, and we’ll be honored by your presence. To participate, simply click the button below and register.

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