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Orthodontist, every successful treatment comes after

diagnosing and planning the right way.

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Through proper diagnosis, you can identify potential issues and develop a customized treatment plan to address them. But to achieve the best possible outcomes, you need to integrate biomechanics into your planning and execution.

As I always say, the excellence of orthodontic treatment is always based on the tripod:

Note that biomechanics comes right after diagnosing and planning, which means mastering biomechanics in practice is essential for excellence in your treatments.

With the intention of helping you on not only apply biomechanics, but also identify a patient’s every problem and plan treatments the right way, I want to introduce you to:


Kleber Meireles’ System

In this system, I will show you exactly what I do from the first time I see a patient all the way to the conclusion of their case.

I will answer all your questions on how to carry out a deep diagnosis, the right way, and structure an excellent plan of action for your patients.

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