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 Flattening the curve of Spee, Traction Of Impacted Teeth and Opening VS Closing Spaces?

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Flattening the curve of Spee

Find out whether you’re doing it the best way possible.

Flattening the curve of Spee can be one of the most time consuming phases of our mechanics. 

If we follow the treatment sequence, starting with the correction of transversal problems, then proceeding to the alignment and leveling of the teeth, only after reaching the SS wires do we start using more assertive resources to correct the curve. 

The idea is to accelerate this phase by starting the correction of the curve in the beginning of the treatment. 

It is necessary, however, to understand not only in which cases this is indicated, but also the biomechanical protocols.

Traction Of Impacted Teeth

Learn the different Types Of Traction And Effective Mechanics.

Impacted teeth are always a great challenge for an orthodontist.

The correct diagnosis, planning and execution of the traction are fundamental for the success of these mechanics. 

In our class, I will present several cases of impacted teeth, focusing on the different approaches to this type of problem, in addition to the biomechanics of traction with loops and other devices.

Opening Or Closing Spaces?

Anterior and posterior segments

Anterior segment:

Congenital absence of upper lateral incisors and severe upper incisor resorption – what to do.

Posterior segment

Absence of lower or upper molars – Uprighting molars

Opening or closing spaces – Indications and contraindications of each option.

Mechanics used for uprighting molars with or without extrusion, and with opening or closing spaces.

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Hi, my name is Kleber Meireles,

specialist in Orthodontics, USP Postgraduate in DTM, Professor and Coordinator of post-graduation (specialization) in orthodontics in Instituto Prime (Bahia) and columnist for the most prestigious orthodontic journal in Brazil.

After 10 years of studying Biomechanics in depth, I have developed my own methodology for solving cases of any complexity for my patients. Cases that could easily last 4 to 5 years can be resolved in less than two years if we use a protocol and methodology that, in some cases, I have developed. Because my treatments are fast and extremely efficient, I have been recognized worldwide by the most prestigious orthodontic organizations in several countries.

Now I travel the world lecturing and sharing my knowledge in a practical way, showing that Biomechanics mastery is the best way to solve any case quickly and efficiently.

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The training takes place at 9 AM GMT on December 10th

This training is designed for Beginners or Veteran Orthodontists and post-graduate students

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